The CASCB Annual Report 2021 is online

We are happy to announce that our work on "Individual and Collective Appetite" is featured within the new CASCB Annual Report 2021. The report allowed us to give more insights on how we capture group interaction and the techniques we use in our lab. It further highlights our collaborative projects within the excellence cluster. Additionaly it includes also other exiting CASCB projects, working along side us, to get a deeper understanding of collective behaviour. 

To read the full report, follow the link: https://www.exc.uni-konstanz.de/collective-behaviour/about-us/annual-reports/

Entering the next stage with our project "Individual and Collective Appetite"

Our interdisciplinary grant proposal together with researchers from psychology (General & Biological Psychology - AG Schupp ), computer science (Data Analysis & Visualization - AG Keim, Visual Computing - AG Deussen) and biology (MPI Department of Migration - Wikelski, CASCB - Fumihiro Kano) got accepted by the Cluster of Excellence The Center for Advanced Study of Collective Behavior. In our project ‘Individual and collective appetite for food and play: how is eating, talking, and playing together shaped by social influence?’ we will employ advanced imaging technology to learn more about multimodal ‘spreading processes’ among individuals from physiology to mental and behavioral activity and the perception of ‘being in sync’.


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