Questionnaires and Measures


The page includes measures and information related to our research in the fields of health and personality psychology (in part own developments, in part translations of existing measures).

Permission to reuse:
All of these scales are being made available here for use in non-profit research and teaching applications. For research and teaching applications, they are available without charge and without any need for permission.
Please recognize the source of the scale appropriately in the write-up of your study.

Translation Guidelines:
Please contact us if you would like to translate the scales to other languages, and we will work with you to approve your translation. Translations should be made available for research and teaching applications on this webpage.

Add your articles to our website:
We aim to provide an overview on all articles in which our questionnaires have been used on our website. To achieve this, we need your help. If you are using one of our questionnaires in an article, sek-renner [at] (please contact us) and your article will be added to our website. Thank you very much in advance!


Health Psychology

Personality Psychology