Development of a new visualization tool called 'SMART-Profile-Explorer'

To analyze and visualize high-dimensional data and different levels of data aggregation, we developed a new visualization tool called the ‘SMART-Profile-Explorer’. The visualized person × motive data matrix can be used to interactively sort, filter and visualize why we eat what we eat and analyze between- and within-person differences in trait and state eating motives.

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Wahl, D. R., Villinger, K., Blumenschein, M., König, L. M., Ziesemer, K., Sproesser, G., Schupp, H. T., & Renner, B. (2020). Why we eat what we eat: Assessing dispositional and in-the-moment eating motives by using Ecological Momentary Assessment. JMIR mHealth & uHealth, 8(1), e13191. doi: 10.2196/13191